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Integral reform for professionals and individuals

Studio Central Project, S.L. its a company specialized on integral reforms of:


  • Comercial shops


  • Offices


  • Housing


  • Neighboring communities

Mission & vision

  • We offer a quality service to our customers, creating works with a high level of finishes and with an affordable price.


  • With a personalized treatment throughout the process looking at all times the highest satisfaction of our customers.


  • We want to be industry benchmark since we act both in Spain and in Italy, with a long tradition and history in architecture, technology, design and construction process.


Our team has extensive experience in performing works of different types, many years of work done both in Italy, Spain and Portugal allows us to give our customers a guarantee of success in the process.


Our team of specialized collaborators; Architects, engineers, interior designers ... are coordinated by Studio Central Project, SL. to get the best result.



Our offices are in the center of Barcelona for our customers comfort.


We also have branch in Milan to attend our Italian customers more closely.

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